Friday, 18 August 2017

This week has been...

Recovering from Festival of Quilts and working on the next project.

Some of the purchases at the quilt show. and very fuzzy photo
I am trying to build up my solid fabrics as I am using them more. Postcards gifted to me by the Curator/Director of the International Quilt Museum in Nebraska. I had the honour of giving her a lift to her hotel after the SAQA evening meal on Friday. a bit of special fabric which is just right for lining the back godet for the dragon gown, some fabric for a dress, sequins, orange thread because when I went to sew the dragon, I realised I don't have any orange! some stencils and dimensional fabric paint for making marks that will work with stories about Africa and persecuted Christians.
And a sunset from the window in the lift area of the hotel where I stayed near Birmingham.

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