Monday, 28 August 2017

a few interesting pieces from 2017 Festival of Quilts - 3

One of the galleries of work that impressed me the most was the display of work by Diana Harrison. Just amazing!
I love the stitching on stone!
You can find images of her work in various places online, especially the work done for the Lost in Lace exhibition at the Birmingham Museum and Art Galleries in 2011.
I am only showing a few photos that are giving me inspiration such as the spent discs from a sanding machine whose colour is taken into the work beside it.

Or the empty boxes which inform shape of larger pieces displayed around the gallery.
and again unique hanging methods and displays have caught my eye.
Pins and tiny bulldog clips

In a similar vein, I loved this work called Making Time by Sheila Beer, which was part of the exhibition gallery A Matter of Time.
Small components stitched on paper and fabric one at a time and then added together.

Putting these into my head to percolate around with other ideas to see where they come out sometime down the line!

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