Saturday, 9 July 2016

Something on Saturday

Some of the other bits of art at SHP last weekend. (Okay it has been a recovery week! Amongst the other people things that were part of the week.)

Sorry, I have missed taking photos of a few of the artist's work.
If you go to the Engage! website, you can find out more about the artists and the work. There is a link to download the brochure on the What's On page.


Louise Anderson The Butterfly Arch

Anji Archer Little Chapters

Jane Bonney The Importance of Being

Sarah Britten-Jones Takin' The Lead

Diana Burch Roots

Jane Glennie Loose Parts
Saturday morning
Sunday afternoon

and 8th Day

Dolly Kershaw Camera Obscura + Wind

Mark Langley An Act of Folly

Charlotte McClelland The End of the Rainbow?

Miya Wassing Light

Alessandra Rutili Spinning our Yarn

Pippa Ward Hanging Around


Louise Anderson Ministry of Works - Butterfly Type Plan

William Lindley SHP Reimagined

Lam Ly The House is In

David MacDiarmid Ghost Versions (I-IV)

Pene Murgatroyd Piano Keys

Lucy Ryan Garden Supper

Delia Salter Ground

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