Friday, 29 July 2016

Life happens

So, I haven't been around here as much as I like. By the time I get time I have been too tired.

I had a nerve block done on Monday (my birthday!) for my neck...hoping it will help headaches. but in the meanwhile, since the injection sites are on the back of the head...well. I am finally getting around to the point where I don't feel like I banged my head on several nails. The first few days I also slept more than I expected I would.

The neck is already better in that it isn't just the pain from recent times that has eased off, but also the everyday for many years pain. So, it is sort of like something is missing! It is helping me not to tense up so much and hold my shoulders around my ears.

And today I sewed. So, I am glad for that.

On Sunday we checked out the lacing for wedding gown no.2. We found it worked best for her if we started at the bottom.

2 things besides the fact that we haven't put the modesty panel in yet.
- I wish I had started the loops nearer the top, But I was concerned they wouldn't be so secure. So, there is a wide elasticated waist stay which we found isn't needed as a waist stay because of how it makes it sit at the front. And today I took it out (only stitched in from the side seams.) and I am repositioning them to pull at the top of the bodice. Pulling the lacing wasn't helping the bosom to fit, but when we pulled from the side seam at the top, it did work.
It is not the easiest thing to do, what with all the boning spronging the bodice around when you are trying to get it under the machine...and the integrated petticoat weighting and pulling the dress away from the machine!

- The pulling lines across the hips are more from the boning I used holding the curve from being wound in the package. So today I steamed/pressed the humps and they seem to be straighter.

And when these are sorted. There is the hem! A straightforward hem on this one. Lining is behind the netted petticoat, so doesn't need to be hemmed at the same time as the layer of fabric behind the lace.
And then re-siting the lace...a matter of a bit of hand stitching and no embellishments!

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Sarah Jacobs said...

Hope y.ou feel better...pain is just rotten.