Thursday, 21 December 2017

I Like Thankful Thursday

Each year our church does a special thing which I like very much. This happened on Saturday.
We put a table at the shops and offer a mince pie, chocolate+sweets, comics for kids, and something like a pen or a mini torch for adults. and a hot spicy drink (if they want. Mr Thoughtful loves making this, but I think the only ones who take us up on that offer is us as we stand there in the cold!).
Saying Happy Christmas to the community! Eric who does the balloons.
I don't manage to stand there the whole time anymore, but I still like saying Happy Christmas to people as they pass.

And then the following day, we hold a Candlelight Carol Service at the Community Centre.
I had fun trying to get photos in the dark with candles! A bit of adjusting in my photo programme and they are not too bad.
Mr Thoughtful puts together a quite wonderful programme. 
The numbers who come from the Community vary...for instance, if it is raining, like on Sunday. But many make it a point to come every year.
With all the candles, it gets pretty warm in there. It takes quite a while to light them and then also to blow them out at the end!
A lovely time singing and hearing the story of the first Christmas.
Then out to where it is light for more mince pies, sweets, chocolate and etc!

And start thinking ahead to the Easter cross buns for that.

To see the likes for the others, go to Lee Anna's blog.


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sandy,
It looks like you had a nice day for the church special gathering! The sun was out and everything. The Community Centre candlelight service sure looks pretty. We go to church Christmas Eve at 10pm for a candlelight service. We sing lots of carols and end the night with Silent Night and just candlelight. It is beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and your family! ~smile~ Roseanne

Sally Hurley said...

Candlelight is so pretty, but so hard to capture on film. Sounds like it was a delightful time.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Your photos are great considering they are by candlelit! wowsa! It sounds like the best of days. Cheers and have a wonderful holiday!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Wonderful gatherings Sandy. So glad you enjoy them and socializing is good they say, LOL.
Hope you have a wonderful time next week!

LA Paylor said...

what a way to connect on the holidays. I bet you have lots of stories about people you meet. The candle shots are really good. Candle light is soft with movement, creating little halos around each flame. I used to meditate to a candle flame. Nice list, and happy Christmas right back to you my friend. LeeAnna said...

What a gorgeous way to celebrate. Love all of the candles.

Sandra Walker said...

I love a candlelight Christmas service, takes me back to my childhood. Candles period are wonderful!