Monday, 13 March 2017

More from the exhibition

A few more photos now that I have had time to sort them. I am going to have to retake a few that were too fuzzy to show.

we made collections of gowns that worked together.
 - silks and lace

 red velvet

 the rust piece above, made in 2007, worked well with the 2 new pieces that also make a statement about global issues.

you should have seen the efforts to make a suitable display for a 10 year old! The one on the right had lacing that could open enough to get it over the shoulders of the dummy. But though it was a thin model, it is quite busty and tall for a young Tudor. The other 'dummy' is made up of a child soft manikin piggyback on the shoulders of a half child model!

and we hung the coats for the ensembles from the rafters open so the scene in the inside back could be seen, as well as the back of the coat. But I need to get a better photo of the other side.

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