Monday, 6 March 2017

More depth of meaning

And after giving an upgrade to the willow tree, I have also been adding more to the 'Tears' dress.
I used marks like this for a piece about refugees and am using them for the other daily bead project. And when thinking about how to give more visually to this dress, I felt it would add more meaning for the viewer. Yes, it has the net, but now these marks give more of a captivity meaning when viewed.

I am making the marks with a soldering iron. Okay, probably would look about the same with a felt tip marker, but using the soldering iron means they are rough looking, more individualistic.
But the marks, like ticking off the days, were not an easy thing to do because I had stitched down some of the netting at certain points!
So, I filled in some gaps with just burn marks.

and then the whole of the back is burn marks. The main purpose of the marks is to take away the whiteness of the underlying fabric - The rust marks here are a lot clearer than on other rust pieces I have done, but they don't cover as much of the surface.

Now to untangle the netting at the bottom again.

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