Thursday, 15 December 2016

Weeping Woman

A few weeks ago, I sat on the settee next to the dog for a little break. I looked across out of the patio window to the outdoors and this caught my eye...

The reflection in the window of the house opposite across the back seemed to show a weeping woman.

So, this has stuck in my mind, especially as I still cannot get the weeping mothers and women of Nigeria out of my mind. (The story behind Tears for the Daughters of my People.)

So, when SAQA extended the deadline for the Trunk show submissions, I decided this would be my piece if I could get it made through the travelling and so on we have been doing while my mother-in-law was ill.

Here are a few photos of the steps involved with developing the piece. Most of this was done on Friday when I was still processing the news of my mother-in-law's death.
Little changes here and there. The first was too peaceful of a face and as I went on, then concentrating on the folds of her headdress.

A few more changes have been done, but mostly this is how it looks before the quilting.

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