Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Ramshackle Tessellation-ish

I am trying out an idea for developing my Ramshackle house into a pattern that can nestle together in a tessellation kind of manner. I read a tutorial from Kay Koeper Sorensen a few years ago and have wanted to see how to develop one that is 'me'.

And then there is a challenge for the CQ suitcase collection to make a piece inspired by your favourite artist. Well, I am not sure I have a favourite artist...or at least one I feel I could do justice as an inspiration. Hans Holbein, Anthony Van Dyck, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and others because of the clothing they painted. Then I remembered I do admire the draftmanship of M. C. Esher's work.
So, that decided it for me. and I realised I could go back to Kay's tutorial. Kay's is in several blog posts, but I also found a You-tube which makes it very clear. This is not a rotating tessellation, nor is Kay's or will mine be. I am going to do mine side to side. (I probably could get them to rotate, but let's do small steps and also avoid too much Maths! - actually I did pretty well in Geometry High School level.)

I also realised I could develop my Ramshackle series a bit more, so I worked with the house idea. Because the CQ suitcase is a travelling example of Contemporary Quilting, I thought it might help viewers see what you can do to make non-traditional tessellations...and at the same time redirect them to my other Ramshackle Houses.

I started with a 7x7cm square. I had sketched out a few ideas on how this would work, so this helped to have a starting point.

basic shapes drawn for cutting

trimmed and moved to the opposite sides.

stuck down - ok not exactly full of character!

so, let's make it a bit wonky. More like it. A lot of sticking together going on here.

Still the thing is, it is a bit squat. Let's toss out a few more 'rules'.

trim to be more like 6cm wide x 7cm high.

Okay this what I had in mind. see the difference?

And the final pattern.

Currently contemplating the fabric and layout!

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