Tuesday, 10 May 2011


From time to time we get asked to be a sort of inbetween station for people, who know people, who were told we might, by some of the people we used to know. This is because we are near enough to Heathrow and have plenty of rooms to make it possible. In fact, it was one of the reasons we looked for a house with plenty of room. It means you get to meet some interesting people and make new friends.

So, this past weekend was one of these times. I collected a young lady who was heading to Oxford for a summer course in Anglo-Saxon poetry and another in Norse mythology. She is interested in medieval literature, and plans to study it in graduate school.

Sunday evening we went and had a quick round trip around Surrey and Berkshire with Windsor as the centre point. We pointed out bits and pieces you could see from the road, like the Greek temple ruin folly at Virginia Water and the fascinating architecture you could see through the trees for the Royal Holloway. We drove through Runnymead where the Magna Carta was signed and came round the back of Windsor Palace into the town. It was interesting to walk around when it wasn't crowded with tourists and shoppers. and I didn't take the camera, but oh well.

So, now she has been safely delivered to Oxford. It will be interesting to see how she got on when she comes back through in late June.
and how she gets on with cooking British in the accomodation! this particular girl seems like she will be able to adapt better than alot of Americans who come here though.

a photo taken on a previous trip to Oxford.

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