Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Doll Corset - Structure

I have finally been able to get to the structure of the large doll corset.I am using 6mm dowels in the main boning channels. This is sort of a reference to the reed boning used in one of the doll's corsets from the SLough Museum. The dowels are sticking out at the bottom and are stuck into a large piece of upholstry foam.

Here are views of how they will be stuck in.

I had to go back to the DIY shop for one more dowel to get enough to have the support I wanted. A few channels I had made a bit too narrow with the hand stitching, so I had to remove a bit of the stitch. So, I just have a few places where I need to go back in and sort it.

One good reason for using photos for your work is that it helps you step back, so to speak. I had it arranged in what I thought was a good shape, but when I looked at the first photo, I realised I really wanted it straight in front. So, I will use a few kebab sticks to push it forward.
More photos of the new arrangement.

And a photo of the detail of the support sticks, which I am quite pleased with. A surprising aspect of the support I hadn't considered.

I plan to cover the base with more of the cream muslin, but also some burlap mesh, which you can see laying next to the base.

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