Sunday, 5 December 2010


So the snow came. I had to cancel my hospital appointment because I didn't want to drive to Slough in the weather/traffic conditions. So, it will be January before I find out more about having fibromyalgia.

Then middle of the night phone calls about my dad who'd had surgery early in the week which went dreadfully wrong. At this stage - Sunday - we have been through alot including his having to be put in hypothermic state and airlifted to another hospital, having more surgery and so on. They have now raised his temp and are waiting to see how he is when he is ready to wake up on his own.

So, decisions with teaching and other responsibilities about going to America to see him. and I don't want to go on my own. My husband has some things going on he really can't leave. So, my son is coming. As he won't really be finished at uni til the 18th, we decided to hang in there this week and go  on the 13th. We both will only miss a few sessions that way. I guess we will stay a week.

So, having noticed that since the snow has gone, here is a photo of resilience for you.

The snow had completely covered these winter flowering pansies and they looked like they had been frozen. But today, now that the snow is gone, I was amazed to discover they not only survived, but bloomed!

resilience and hope


Linda M said...

Sandy, My thoughts are with you, I hope your Dad id resilient and pulls through.

Julie said...

Having worries about my mum at the moment I do hope you find your Dad is improving when you see him.