Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Green skirt

Lately things have been a bit fraught with a few things where I work. You don't actually realise how it zaps your energy until it starts to be resolved and suddenly you can think again.
Yesterday I actually managed to get several things sorted.

One was the Blue Agate piece which got caught in the rain when I did a demo session outside in April.
Here it is before the rain.
It was laying near the TuDo Bem piece, and the red from the book cover piece ran onto the Blue Agate! So, I tried rinsing it out, which did help, but melted away some of the paper. It was too discouraging to fix then, but since I want to show things where I have stitched on paper, it was time.
To Do Bem piece with part of a torn Brazilian dictionary cover.

Besides some of the edge of the painted portion melting away, the silk below it was tinged pink, which really didn't work. I didn't get a photo before I started.
So, I painted white pearl fabric paint over that and repainted the edge. I am quite happy I have been able to restore it!
Here is the "fixed" section.

Ages ago I cut out and started making up a green skirt. If the weather is not too cold, I'd like to wear it to a Christmas lunch on Saturday. It only needed a faced waistband and hemming up! It isn't exciting, but it will do with a blouse that has red and green.

Hoping the snow doesn't cancel the stitching on metal and paper, tonight!

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