Tuesday, 14 April 2020

By the way...

The break was good. And the pressure is not so great as it was. The afternoon after the moaning post I heard that they have cancelled the Festival of Quilts this year. This is 😔 sad for a great number of people.
But the flip side for some of us is the pressure release of not having to work to a deadline when you have have the extra pressure of this stay at home thing.

Pansy tree 
Anyway, I have been spending time in the garden stitching, Doing Easter things, wasting time watching things on Facebook, cooking and other holiday things.
These photos were taken last week when the weather was lovely.
 Bleeding Heart just coming out.
Heather they have been doing well for some months now.

And my favourite bulb flower. Snake’s Head Fritillary.
Different shades of the amazing checkerboard pattern these flowers have.

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