Thursday, 5 July 2018

I like Thankful Thursday

I like the lovely sunny weather.
The crocosmia is beginning to bloom.

It gives such a wonderful shot of colour against the green that is around, and is brilliant when paired with the lavender.

The unknown plant has flowered...
very tall!

The flowers quickly develop into the dangling tassels

I really wish I knew what it was!

Along with the sunny days, it has been windy. Holly has convinced herself that it is dangerous in the house when it is windy. (She doesn't like it when the wind catches a door and bangs it shut.) So, she dashes out to the garden where it is 'safe', somehow.
One of her 'safe' places.
She has made herself exhausted by worrying all night about the wind (because she is inside). So, she spends most of the day catching up on her sleep. She has several spots she has dug to make a cooler place to lay. She was so asleep when I took her photo, she didn't even wake up to see what I was doing. I like the tiny leaf over her eye. Maybe like my eye shade (from some plane journey) which I put on because the sun gets up so early these days.

I like that I finished my dress and wore it on Sunday. (but didn't get a photo wearing it!)
Just a simple sleeveless sheath dress. I like that I can just put it on and fussing with waistbands and the like.

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Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sandy! Oh, that photo of Holly in the garden is just so sweet. Safer in the dirt with a leaf on her eye - how cute is that?!! Wow, that is one tall unknown plant! Oh, and your hollyhocks are fabulous - I just love them. I think you can just sprinkle seeds for other colors to fill in. The whole side would look SO cool with a bunch of them in all of their glorious colors. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

Sally Hurley said...

Love the dress fabric. We had a similar tall plant like that - have no idea what it's called, either. But it's amazing how tall it gets!

Shannon said...

Your summer sundress is so cute! I love the simple cool style and that blue fabric is lovely. And I love your red and purple flowers together. I have never heard of crocosmia, but it has a wonderful shape.

LA Paylor said...

I've been playing catch up and what a nice list of posts you've done. The wanderer is in my favorite neck of the woods. Colette also visited that area this week, and I could live on Cape Cod easily.

Poor pup. The wind here blows in gusts, very disturbing to see a grill or patio chair scoot across the patio on it's own... Mile also distrusts the wind he feels in his "naturally curly hair" but can't see.

Wish I could nap during the day sometimes. The sun is defying any blinds or shades here, so I'm awake too early for a night owl.