Saturday, 26 May 2018

Something on Saturday

cow 71

Another strange cow.
You can tell my thrill about receiving this one by the fact that the packaging is still there.
This one I leave in the cupboard in the kitchen. Only rarely get it out.  Why? When you squeeze the lever that is part of the handle, the head lifts up, like an open mouth, to shine out a torch/flashlight.🔦
OK, if it were just that, maybe. But she also says 🐄moo-ooo-ooo🐄 the whole time you are shining the light out in the garden after dark when you are trying to work out why the gate is making rattling noises.😒
So, no, not particularly my favourite! 😆

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Celia Darbyshire said...

Sounds like a good gift for the children of someone you dislike!