Monday, 1 May 2017

the dragon gown

And so, from the pinning, I still found it hard for the folds to stay in place because of the weight.
So I threw caution to the wind and used my beefy pins.
And it worked. And the fabric still sealed up behind the holes when it was pulled out.
The fabric is pulling some because of the weight and how I have had to pin it. But it will get adjusted before it gets set in place.
In the meantime...I have decided to do away with the waterfall/wing effect because the lining is different to the fabric and it just won't behave together.

So, I have got the zip properly in to the lining. I have sewn the darts of the lining (yeah, I should have done it sooner, but I had the zip thing going on.) And I have sewn the inside of each fold to try to keep it in place.
Now I am working on beading...not just for the sake of beading or even for the decoration, (but you knew I would be doing something like that anyway)...but also for the simply practical reason to keep the folds even more secure and stop them unfolding from the weight of the fabric.

I still haven't dared trim the fabric by the zip and stitch it in place. But I am at that point now where I have to do that before doing anymore. (wish me luck)

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Sarah Jacobs said...

LOVE this dress