Tuesday, 14 January 2020

So, what is new.

I did finish the 24,000 bead project, but still need to take a photo. I am still thinking how to hang/mount/present it.

But, I have finally got my head round the 2020 project.
Last spring, I bought this unique ball of wool selvedge. One stand hand loads of these balls that were being used to do large knitting or crochet. Most were one colour or just 2. But this one caught my eye because of the variety of colours.

 I knew I wanted to embroider onto it, but needed time to work things out. As the year went on, I decided I would take a break from the beading and do a daily embroidery instead. Because of the sections of wool strips, it would work well to use this ball.

Then it came to the New Year, and the thread I had decided on wasn’t going to work. It rather got lost between the weave because it was too thin. (Upper right on photo below) Because I was still coughing my brains out, I couldn’t really think about what to do. But finally I got round to considering, and realised my pearle cotton was just right.

I caught up and then needed to do photos. Which I have finally done. So this is up to the 11th.

I am not making any real rules. What I chose for thread on the day, and how I feel about the stitch...duplicating doesn’t matter.
Number 12 in progress
 I have counted the sections...I may come back along and stitch over the threads between the larger sections of 18. I don’t think it will last a whole year, but I have plenty of time to work out what happens next.


kathy loomis said...

great project!! how wide are these selvedges? is each day's section the same length? (I am always curious about the rules people set for their daily art.)

please keep us posted!!

Sarah Jacobs said...

So beautiful!