Monday, 2 November 2015

Stitch on it - 14-17

I am taking part in Take a Stitch Tuesday from Sharon Boggon's blog. Taking up the challenge to do something more with a stich, I am embroidering these stitches onto paper.

These first 2, Satin and Stem stitch have never been stitches I got on well with.
Satin Stitch including Diagonal Satin Stitch
But with the whole day at K+S, I managed to get the satin stitch better and better. Being done on paper, I did it stab stitch and not across the back. I didn't think the paper would hold up to the tension.

Stem Stitch
The Stem stitch was a little easier on paper, so I was able to get my head round how to do it well. I gave myself the challenge of going round curves. I didn't have a shape in mind, just went there. so when I got round the curve part, I decided to go straight round three sides and then realise to turn it sideways looked a bit like a C.
For most of these stitches I just freely stitch until I am happy with placement or until I start seeing a shape and then working to make it better.

French Knot
A variety of French Knots to create a free look to the shape.

Wheatear stitch

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Linda M said...

Love the satin stitched circles.